KIRCHZARTEN near Freiburg
June 19, 2016
OrganizerBlack Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon e.V.
SV Kirchzarten Ski und Rad
StartULTRA and Marathon: Kirchzarten/pedestrian zone
Power Track and Short Track: Hinterzarten / railway station
FinishSports stadium Kirchzarten
Starting Times on
07.30 am - ULTRA in Kirchzartren
08.15 am - Marathon in Kirchzarten
09.15 am - Power Track in Hinterzarten
11.20 am - Short Track in Hinterzarten
12.00 pm - Speed Track in Todtnauberg
Start TypeMass start / starting blocks
Each first starting block is for licences
Separate starting blocks for team scoring
Free Choice of starting blocks for women
Final Finish03.30 pm - Marathon
04.00 pm - Short Track
05.30 pm - ULTRA / Power Track / Speed Track
Distances /
ULTRA - 116 km, 3.150 metres altitude
Power Track - 88 km, 2.300 metres altitude
Marathon - 77 km, 2.000 metres altitude
Speed Track - 52 km, 1.130 metres altitude
Short Track - 43 km, 900 metres altitude
Winners Ceremony
03.15 pm Sports stadium Kirchzarten
Entry Feeuntil 10/04/2016: EUR 50,00
until 29/05/2016: EUR 55,00
from 01/06/2016: EUR 65,00 (delayed entry)

Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon
Sparkasse Hochschwarzwald
Account No. 504 6008
IBAN: DE41 6805 1004 0005 046008

The entry fee includes:
feeding on track, voucher for the pasta-party on Saturday beginning 5.00 p.m., transportation to Hinterzarten for Power Track + Short Track participants, professional timing with transponder system, marking of tracks and safety by track guards, first aid by mountain rescue service Schwarzwald / German Red Cross, starting present.
Starting presentto be announced
Final registrationFriday, 17/06/2016, 8.00 pm or earlier if the starting quota has been reached. Online registrations are possible until 14/06/2015. Personalized starting numbers (with imprint of name) are only possible in case of online registration until (to be announced).
Confirmation of RegistrationYour registration is valid after reception of the entry fee on our account. We will never send a confirmation of registration. You will find your starting-number from 14/06/2016 on in the internet-starting-list.
Cash and non-cash PrizesCash and non-cash prizes for the initial positions in the total amount of EUR 22.000,00. Cash prizes will be transferred to your account.
Mobile PlaygroundSunday, 19/06/2016 from 11.00 am
Race coursesThe race courses are going through the boundaries of Kirchzarten, Buchenbach, Hinterzarten, Titisee-Neustadt, Feldberg, St. Blasien-Menzenschwand, Bernau, Todtnau and Oberried. The tracks are mainly woodland / forest paths. A minor part is asphalt. In case of public streets, these will be completely or partly closed for public traffic. Legal requirements of the Road Traffic Act have to be kept in mind. The for the race will marked tracks shall not be left. Accompanying vehicles are not allowed due to protection of enviroment.
Track markingGreen arrows pointing the direction on the paths and additional instructing plates.
ClassificationULTRA: born 1997 and older
Power Track: born 1997 and older
Marathon: born 1999 and older
Short Track: born 2001 and older
Speed Track: born 1999 and older
Team Scoring6 participants of a course make a team. Starting in separate blocks and a joint finish of at least 4 members within 30 seconds is required. The team scoring fee makes EUR 25,00 additionally.
She-and-he-scoringA female and a male are a team. A joint start and finish is required.
The team scoring fee makes EUR 10,00.
TeamsThe initial 3 positions will receive non-cash prices. Team registration is by E-Mail. Please inform us about name of the members and team-name. Every member of the team has to be registered and the entry fee has to be payed already before.
Tandem ScoringAt least 3 tandems per track need to be registered.
UnicyclingA unicycling score is offered on the Speed track, starting in Todtnauberg. A mimimum of 3 unicycling riders have to finish the race before the score takes place as official result.
Rescue ServiceMountain Rescue Schwarzwald / German Red Cross
Feeding PointsULTRA:
I Hinterzarten - II Altglashütten - III Menzenschwand - IV Bernau - V Todtnau - VI Knöpflesbrunnen - VII Hofsgrund-Innerort

Power Track:
I Altglashütten - II Menzenschwand - III Bernau - IV Todtnau - V Knöpflesbrunnen - VI Hofsgrund-Innerort

I Hinterzarten - II Zastler/Rinken - III Stollenbach

Speed Track
I Todtnau - II Knöpflesbrunnen - III Hofsgrund-Innerort
Short Track:
I Zastler/Rinken - II Stollenbach
Service PointsRepair and material service is available at start and at feeding points. Repairs will be made free of charge, costs of material have to be paid.
CommunicationFire Brigades of the participating communities.
Showers and
Changinig Rooms
Sports hall in the school center
Sports stadium Kirchzarten / finish area
MTB CleaningCleaning facilities will be located behind finishing-area.
Changing of registrationIf you check out until 28/04/2016 we will credit the whole entry fee for the 17th Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon 2016. If you check out later because of illness, you have to sent a medical report. Then we will credit EUR 25,00. Also you can change your starting position to another biker for the fee of EUR 10,00.

Track AmendmentsThe organizer claimes the right to change the race tracks at any time.
Handling out of
starting documents
Friday, 17/06/2016: 02.00 pm to 07.00 pm
Saturday, 18/06/2016: 10.00 am. to 8.00 pm
Sunday, 19/06/2016: 06.00 am to 10.00 am
Kirchzarten / sports-hall
Overnight StayTourismus Dreisamtal: Tel. +49 (0)7661-907980

Holiday Insider: Tel. +49 (0)761-88581178,

Campingplatz Kirchzarten: Tel. +49 (0)7661-9040910
. de, http://www.camping-kirchzarten .de

Campingplatz Kirnermartes: Tel. +49 (0)7661-4727,

Information and
Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon
Oberrieder Str. 3, D- 79199 Kirchzarten
Tel. +49 (0)7661-989650
Fax +49 (0)7661-989651

Online-registration: by Datasport/Switzerland. If you register by E-Mail, you have to transfer the entry fee to
Kto. 504 6008
Sparkasse Hochschwarzwald
BLZ 680 510 04
IBAN: DE41 6805 1004 0005 046008
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Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon e.V., Oberriederstr. 3, D-79199 Kirchzarten, Tel. +49 (0) 76 61 / 98 96 50, eMail: